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Ethnoforestry-Local Knowledge For Sustainable Forestry & Livelihood Security


ISBN: 8186231420
ISBN 8186231420
Name of Authors Deep Narayan Pandey
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1998
Pages 91
Language English

This work is the result of Pandey's conviction that equality of knowledge between local communities and formal forestry scholars is the key issue for success of particulars forestry. The natural resource management and conservation efforts are at crossroads today. On the one hand, threatened is the sustainability of essential ecological processes and life support systems in the wilderness, and on the other, at stake is the security of a just and dignifies livelihood of the people living in and around forests and protected areas. Immense pressure on natural forests is leading to biodiversity depletion. Without a shift in strategy towards a combination of societal and technical inputs, and local knowledge and scientific forestry forests and wildlife may not survive for long!. A judicious mix of multifaceted approach based on equality of knowledge. for technical and societal input holds the promise. This is the first ever book on Ethnoforestry. This pioneering work will initiate a discussion in research and field applications on local knowledge on forests throughout the world. The book has practical implications for policy makers, administrators, voluntary organisations, sociologists, ecologists, foresters, wildlife experts, international agencies and general readers.


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