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Environmental Studies


ISBN: 8179060683
ISBN 8179060683
Name of Authors Pratap Singh, N.S. Rathore, A.N. Mathur
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2004
Pages 389
Language English

The sustainable development is related to environmental science and environmental studies. This book brings together in one place continuing problems of pollution, loss of forest, solid waste disposal, degradation of environment issues like global warming, degradation of environment issues like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, loss of biodiversity and role of renewable energy sources for sustainable development. This book gives clear picture of multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies, natural resources (renewable and non - renewable resources), ecosystem, biodiversity and its conservation, environmental pollution, social issues & the environment and human population and the environment. The book also embodies the constraints and challanges of present day environment and the strategies to be adopted for getting clear environment and sustainable development. This book provides adequate informations for the students of undergraduate course of all branches of higher education appearing in core module course in environmental studies. It is hoped that this book will be of great use to all undergraduate students and to all those who have an interest in knowing the environment & its related problems and sustainable development. This book gives very useful information & insight for future R & D programme for clean environment and sustainable development.


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