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Environmental Protection


ISBN: 8185167850
ISBN 8185167850
Name of Authors S.K.Agq
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1993
Pages 131
Language English

The twentieth century is characterised by environmental crises confronting the world and our growing concern over the issues of environmental problems and to find out solutions to preserve the nature and natural resources without impairing the development programmes. The advocates of a holistic science reject the fragmented approach to environemntal protection and wish to replace them with a global study of environmental protection in all its aspects. This book on environmental protection provides the basic philosophy of conservation and approaches towards environmental protection through appropriate technology, plants, legislation and education. It is intended to produce an original text dealing with this specific problem in an interdisciplinary way. This work might provide the kind of interdiscplinary study which may help to make our understanding of the nature of environmental protection both academically and as basis for future policy.

Dr. S.K. Agarwal, Head, Post Graduate Department of Botany, Government Autonomous College, Kota is an eminent ecologist. He is widelym variously and ashtonishingly read scholar. He has achieved those dizzy heights of glory which would be the envy of many a scholars. He is an author of scores of research papers, published in various National and International Journals. He has the credit of organising and participating in several conferences , workshops and environmental awareness programmes. He is a member of Rajasthan State Environmental Planning and Coordination Board. He is the Chairman of International Society for Environment Science and Editor of an International Journals Acta Ecological. He has edited a number of books-Recent advances in environmental research (1982), Envuronmental issues and researches in India (1988), and Automobile pollution (1991), He is the Author of Chetna-ke-swar (1987), Pollution ecology (1991). Perspectives in aridzone ecology (1991) and Fundamentals of Ecology (1992).


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