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Environmental Issues & Challenges


ISBN: 9788179063279
ISBN 9788179063279
Name of Authors Suman Pamecha, P.K. Punjabi, Paras Jain
Book Type Hard Back
Pages 132
Language English

Now-a-day there are many environmental issues in India. Among these, some are air pollution. Water and soil pollution due to urbanixation and industrialization in a development of a country in the generation of a garbage which needs to be dispersed. The problem of environmental pollution in India has been continuously getiing worsed since 1947, However, in last 20 years, Government of India has put lot of eforts to solve the problems of environment pollution. According to data collection and environment assessment of world bank experts, between 1995 to 2010, India has made one of the fastes program in the world in addressing its environmental issues and improving its environmental quality. Present book, highlights on various aspects of environmental pollution, their causes ans remedies. Hope that book will prove as asset for the researchers, economics and policy makers


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