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Democratization In Feudal System


ISBN: 8185167931
ISBN 8185167931
Name of Authors N.K.Bhargava
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1995
Pages 350
Language English

The present study is the result of collection of data on political parties in Rajasthan. The study focus on feudal system of Rajasthan, the process of democratization and the role of political parties, playing for change from feudal system to egalitarian democratic system. Besides presenting a detailed account of feudal structure and historical growth of political parties it examines organizational structure of parties, class caste characteristics of leadership and operationalization process at different levels. The study include an evaluation of communication patterns adopted, programmes formulated by the parties. The book discuss in detail the extra organizational means and ways adopted and practiced. While presenting a sociological critique of the parties the book raise the question of relevancy of the parties to the needs of change in feudal socio-political structure. The book is of equal importance to sociologists as well as to political scientists and common men who want to understand the behaviour of political parties in present Indian democracy.


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