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Command Area Development & Management


ISBN: 8179060985
ISBN 8179060985
Name of Authors Virendra Kumar, Mahesh Kothari, R.C Purohit
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 316
Language English

Live storage at present constitutes only 10% of the total water potential of the country. Hand in hand technology development in drilling and pumping methods has paved the way for massive exploitation of groundwater mainly for irrigation (85%) and for industry and domestic purposes (15%). Such a localized over drawl of ground water has to be compensted adequately by harnessing surplsus monsoonal flows along with expansion of water storage copacities in enhancing the water availability. Stress would need to be laid on conjunctive use of surface and ground water in irrigated commands. Tube wells and wells are the major sources of irrigaton in our country. About 30% of the pump sets is also as low as 30-33% only. IS pumps should therfore be used and the worn out parts be replaced. Use of PVC pipes in place of conventionals GL would also help in reduction of friction losses therby the pumping cost. Canal irrigation systems generally are about 40% efficient resulting in wastage of water and thereby low irrigation efficiencies. On-farm development work to avoid loss of water is therefore critically important. This book contains useful information on ""Command Areas Development and Management"" from the selected technical papers presented during the 37th and 38th ISAE Annual Conservation and Symposium held at CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur from Jan 29.31, 2003 and CATE, Dr. B.S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeet Dapoli from jAN 16 -18,2004, RESPECTIVELY.


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