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Business Of Technology And Wisdom Of Nature


ISBN: 9788179068656
ISBN 9788179068656
Name of Authors Kavindra Sharma, Prafull Verma
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2020
Pages 190
Language Hindi

(Tridib Raul) Relevant and answer read! Authors have presented compelling arguments to drive their point of view that wisdom is getting degenerated and it is leading to the rise of unreason which in turn leads to unworthy use of technology for exploitation of Nature. Although author do not hold technology responsible for exploitation but blame the lack of wisdom and point out limitations of technology to raise the level of wisdom yet they have created an illusion that technology can be held responsible. (Anuja Agarwal) The book presents a new streak of thought that would have crossed everyone’s mind at some time, but while most have refrained from acknowledge it let alone pen it down, the author have braved up to present some stark obviousness of the technology-race. Satirical at places, it is fun-filled tech-story that every reader can relate to. Unique combination of comic timing and technology bashing makes it read-in-one-go gook as it finally connects the dots across wisdom and technology. (Shirish Sangle) This is a must read book as it deals with one of the most fundamental aspects related to technology, i.e. wisdom to use technology. The authors have conveyed a simple yet powerful mantra that “the technology is only as valuable as the wisdom to use it”. Truly, wisdom to use technology is one the most important resources that business, government and society needs. Authors have given a thrust to this new but most relevant issue. (Rajiv Sharma) Very well written and thought provoking. Thought I run a technology company, I got another perspective on technology. Midway through the book I felt technology is shown as villain but the end it was not about technology but our wisdom. Excellent explanation of how technology’s use is not increasing the level of wisdom.


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