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Advanced Java (Netbeans IDE, Servlet, JSP)


ISBN: 9788179065655
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ISBN 9788179065655
Name of Authors Yogendra Sharma
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2016
Pages 226
Language English
University MLSU
Branch Science

This book is intended for anyone, who is interested in computer programming using Java. The main objective of this book is to explain fundamentals of Java netbeans and how to write program using JSP and servlet technology. Then it presents oop as a solution with Java as a programming language. The book covers fundamentals of Java programming at both basic and advanced levels. It offers a balanced treatment of oop theory features make it a unique textbook for both undergraduate and postgraduate studenys. The advanced topics covered include GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), Java Servlet, Java Server Pages and Java Beans. Such coverage ensures that the book also servers as a reference for software engineers and practitioners working in IT and other industries. Every chapter comes with as extensive set of exercise: objective question, review questions, and programming problems. I encourage students to try these out by themselves to test and enhance their understanding of the subject. In general, it can be used for BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Sc. and project work. This book consist five chapter. This book consist some graphics image so the user can easily under stand the concept here i try to cover all basic of programming fundamental so a beginner can easily understand.


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