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A Study Of Human Resource Accounting In Corporate Sector: A Comparative Study Of Indian & Global Companies


ISBN: 9788179066010
ISBN 9788179066010
Name of Authors Dr. Nader Naghshbandi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2017
Pages 257
Language English

Human Resource Accounting (HRA) is a methods of providing importance, understanding and giving HR the due values. Human's efforts on every ground of the production cannot be ignored and without which the economic activities cannot be taken place. Thus it is importance for a company to measure their importance and value so that they will be motivated and work well for the organisation. The book presents the methods of valuing the humans in Indian and Global companies. This book also provides the current practices and the perception study results about the manager and non-manager view for adoption of HRA at national and international level. We hope that it will be useful for the purpose of making this concept familiar to the management and will be helpful for the researchers and academician for understanding and giving training to the new accountants regarding this concept.

Dr. Nader Naghshbandi is Assistant professor - Taybad - Islamic Azad University - Taybad Iran and Young Researchers and Elite Club member of Quchan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran. Dr. Naghshbandi is Member of American, Indian & amp; Iranian Accounting Associaton. He has obtained Ph.D. degree from JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur, Rajasthan- India in Accounting department and His Research was mainly based in Human Resources Accounting. He has attended 3 faculty Development programs and hosted 1 National and 1 at International level seminar. He has presented more than 20 papers in National and International Seminars and published over 25 Research articles in various national and international Journals. He was coordinator some national and international conference in JRN Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University, Udaipur. He received silver Trophy as best and active student from Iranian embassy in Delhi-Indain 2013 - 14


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