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April 14, 2021

Over the recent years, the way we deal with things has changed drastically and we can blame it on technology. This includes the way we educate ourselves by reading. In the past, many of us used to rely on physical books and novels to educate ourselves. However, since the dawn of the internet, it is easy to search for things online but this does not dispute the fact that books are still important. 

What would you rather choose, ebooks or physical books? Ebooks have become increasingly popular but are they more liked than physical books? This might be or might not be the case, but there are advantages to using them. Firstly, they are easily accessible because you will only need an internet connection. Secondly, ebooks help save the planet and with millions of publishers on the internet it is easy to get published. 

One of the leading publishers of books in India is Himanshu Publications. They have been helping authors get their work to the world. There are different categories you can choose from macro to micro-content and from textbooks to journals. For instance, textbook sections consist of categories such as history, mathematics, and others. You can select your preferred category and choose books that fascinate you. If you are a history enthusiast, famous books including History of India (1000-1707E) and History of Famines in Rajputana might attract you. 

Physical books are still popular and they are here to stay. The relationship that we have with them cannot be debunked. A simple book can have a very special place in someone’s life and let’s not talk about the covers. In this article, we get to look at why you should opt for physical books. 

Reasons To Opt For Physical Books

The resurgence of physical books cannot be disputed. The industry is continuing to grow as more people prefer the look and feel of them. But why should you choose them over digital books? Here is a look at a few compelling reasons. 

Scientific angle 

According to scientists, if you are trying to absorb information then you should opt for physical books. The sensation which is derived from them helps us develop a relationship with the story and everything that unfolds. Also, it is easier to comprehend a plot and go back to confirm information than relying on print media. 

Physical Proof

Even today, when it comes to higher studies, the majority of youngsters opt for physical versions. A study reveals that 90% of college students chose physical books over the digital version. The study material including pictures and diagrams in a physical book are easier to grasp and remember rather than ebook. Ultimately, the former wins here as it promotes effective learning. 

Strong connection 

Do you remember the days when your parents used to read you a bedtime story? Can you imagine how less exciting it would have been if they used an ebook? Research has it that physical books are more engaging especially with young children less than five years old. Also, it is easier for them to remember the setting and plot.

Health perspective 

Did you know that ebooks strain the eyes? We spend a lot of hours on our screens which have harmed us. In the long run, the results are irritation, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Also, we cannot forget about tech neck. Those pesky neck wrinkles will have you looking older, but with physical books, you don’t have to worry about such issues. 

Good night sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep can be quite hard for some people. However, engaging with a book can be the best remedy for your insomnia. In this case, a physical book will do more than an ebook. It is a fact that the blue light from your screen disrupts your sleep since it messes with your circadian cycles. But with a book, you are likely to drift off to slumber sooner and way easier. 

There are numerous benefits of old-school print books. Although ebooks are still preferred in certain scenarios, they cannot outweigh the benefits of physical books. 

Himanshu Publications – An Oasis Of Reading 

Himanshu Publications is a well-known Publishing Company in India. We have a broad range of books from diverse categories to help you quench your reading thirst. Whether you are looking to get your hands on the best textbooks or reference books for higher education we have it all. If you are an ardent reader, we have an ocean of books for general reading. Although ebooks have become more convenient in today’s times, the happiness and feelings that come with physical books are unmatched. Pick your favorite and start reading!

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