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Conference- himanshu Publications

Innovation & Creativity in Engineering and Technology

The aim of this paper is to bring together two research areas, i.e. “Data Warehousing” and “Testing”. In order to achieve this goal, Data Warehousing and Testing have been reviwed. Data Warehousing has been an active research area in the last years. This paper focuses on Data Warehouse Testing by describing Data Warehouses component along with its role in testing. The paper includes different component in the data warehouse architecture, its design and aligning the test strategy accordingly. The paper addresses some challenges for Data Warehousing Testing like voluminous data, heterogeneous sources, temporal inconsistency and estimation challenges.

11th-12st December, 2020
Deepesh Vaya
Mr. Luv Sharma
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
SS College of Engineering
Udaipur, Rajasthan