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The Archaeology Of Rajasthan


ISBN: 9788179063927
ISBN 9788179063927
Name of Authors J.S. Kharakwal
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2014
Pages 73
Language English

The idea of this monograph emerged when Idelivered a lecture in the Academic Staff College,Jodhpur wayback in 2002. Many of my colleagues pointed out that there is no literature onthe excavated sites in Rajasthan, except for the writing of K.C. Jain. A fdwyears ago Dr. Rima has done an excellent volume on the history of Rajasthan inwhich she has also included survey of a few excavated sites. In the recentyears Prof. V.N. Misra has published an excellent volume on the Prehistory ofRajasthan, which off course do not cover historical and medieval phase. Many ofmy friends kept me reminding that I must do a book or monograph on thearchaeology of Rajasthan particularly focusing the excavated sites. I thought Ishould initially present a brief summary of excavated site across the state andsubsequently I shall work on a book. Now the book is also in the pipeline. In this monograph I have attempted to give brief summary ofexcavated archaeological sites ranging from Stone Age to Medieval times. Basedon the excavated data I have attempted to understand the archaeological historyof Rajasthan. Besides, a few archaeometallurgical sites have also beendiscussed in the text so that a better understanding of the state emerges. Infact the archaeometallurgical sites require separate volume or monograph as thearchaeometallurgists are Zawar stole the show globally by making pure zinc onindustrial scale way back from 12th century AD. I hope this monograph will be useful both for researchers andstudents as I have mentioned precise information of cited literature.


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