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Hepaticology In India-I


ISBN: 8186231854
ISBN 8186231854
Name of Authors K.R. Bapna,P.Kachroo
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2000
Pages 439
Language English

In recent years great progress has been made in various field of Hepaticae. All useful information on Indian hepatics by various prominent authors lies scattered and in various journals/monographs. There is no all-India or rgnional hepatic flora and interest in this important group of plants appears to be dwindling. The want of adequate and cpmpact information on these plants occuring in India, is keenly felt by the teacher and students alike for a considerablw lenght of time. It was felt that difficultes pertaining to availability of consolidated information on the subject has hindered adequate progress. Considering all these factores a cpmprehensive endeavour of providing consolidated, descriptive and illustrative account of hepaticae of India has been made. All efforts have been made towards accuracy, in updating and incorporating the latest information on the subject. The book HEPATICOLOGY IN INDIA is the outcome of a decade of intensive and extensive collection and compilation of data on the work done in India and an attempt to provide a consolidated account of the liverworts (Hepaticopsida) and hornworts (Anthocerotopsida) occuring in India. The outstanding features of the book is that beside the pertinent taxonomic account and morphological features of various taxa, it includes significant discussion on distribution, alternation of generations, morphology of gametophytes, reproduction, sporophyte, spore and sporeling patterns, phylogeny, origin and evolutionary trends of bryophytes, historical account of Indian Hepaticae, fossil history and various systems of classification. In all, about 980 species have been enumerated belonging to 157 genera, 57 families, 24 sub-families and 7 orders. All genera are provided with names of authors, references and reference to the family and subfamilies.


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