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Discoloration & Sepia


ISBN: 9788179063941
ISBN 9788179063941
Name of Authors Kothari
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2014
Pages 19
Language English

Discoloration or Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder. In this modern age, this ailment has spread worldwide. In the problem the color of skin changes. The MELANINE pigment of skin is destroyed, so skin becomes WHITE. Discoloration may be in form of patches or may spread over whole body. The drawback of our society is that people are scared too much of skin discoloration and the diseased person become isolated socially. They have strong feeling of being forsaken. As per previous experience, there is no specific etiology about this disease. So it is essential in this age that we should spread awareness among the people that due to vitiligo there is no need to have inferiority complex. In homoeopathy we treat such type of patients very safely disease and the indicated medicines. I have elaborated about medicines and their mode of action. I have explained how Sepia works in discoloration. I have also explained a case of Vitiligo, with follow-up. So homoeopathy does miracles. We emphasize upon mind as well as physical symptoms. In this monographs i have made a sincere effort to educate the general public about the disease and its Homoeopathic treatment. It is not contagious disease. That's all.


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